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Lil' Squirt WeeBlock

When I was pregnant with my son people loved to tell me how different it would be than when I had my oldest daughter. “Oh it’s such a different experience,” they would confide. “First of all, you know…they pee on you. Get ready for that!”

I can’t tell you how many people warned me about this getting “pee’d on” thing. Friends, relatives and strangers alike loved to share tales of pee gone wild. In fact, one of my sister-in-laws went as far as giving me a changing station tutorial. She laid my nephew down, uncovered the Balmex, took out the wipes and ran through the changing with the speed Wiley Coyote, all to get the job done before the little guy sprang a leak. It seemed crazy. “What’s the big deal,” I thought to myself. “How much pee pee can a little boy make.”

A few months later, after my delicious guy was born, I found out the answer to that question. A baby boy can certainly pack a lot of pee pee punch!! My mother was the first to get sprinkled on. Having two girls of her own didn’t properly prepare her for grandson diaper duty. She chuckled and smiled and then let me change the next one. Turns out this tinkling thing wasn’t all hype. Baby boys pee on you. Case closed!!!!

But what everyone didn’t realize is that you can outsmart the situation. “To pee or not to pee…that is the question.” And the Weeblock…that is the answer. The Weeblock ($15) is this tiny, machine-washable gadget that covers up the “pee pee” area so you can wipe without worry. It’s super soft and comes in a variety of colors (I like the yellow one that reads ” Lil Squirt” but thats just my sense of humor I guess).

Aside from keeping one at home and one in the diaper bag these little gizmos make adorable baby shower and new baby gifts. The Weeblock will be a very welcomed preesent, especially after 9 months of hearing, “You know…he’s gonna pee on you.”

DimplesMom xoxoxo

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